Right Angle Weave Feather

RAW Feather

This feather will take very few beads and very little thread, but can really dress up a project. It can be used as an earring in itself or as a dangle from a bag as I did with my Longhorn Medicine Bag. If you are not already familiar with Right Angle Weave , please go to my instructions page by clicking on this feather button. These instructions are based on using Size 11 beads, size D nylon thread (approximately 1 yard per feather), and a Size 12 needle..

Getting started

Begin with threading your needle and waxing the thread, pick up 4 brown beads and make a circle by coming through the first 2 beads a second time, leaving about a 6" tail for weaving back in when the project is finished.

Creating the middle row

Now pick up 3 more brown beads, bringing your needle back through the last bead of the previous circle. Continue adding 3 beads at a time following this pattern from left to right.

Move to the first outside row

For the first outside row, you will begin with 3 white beads, and bringing them in a circle.

Complete the first outside row

Continue by adding 2 beads at a time, following the pattern. You will end on the next to the last circle of the previous row. Weave your thread through the middle row coming out of the opposite outside bead of the middle.

Start the opposite outside row

begin the row by adding 3 beads (brown), then continuing to add 2 beads at a time following the pattern

Add the loop

Weave the needle through to the top bead of the middle row. Pick up 1 white and 11 brown beads. Make a loop of 7 beads and bring your needle back down through the first 4 brown beads you just added.


Pick up one more white bead, bring your needle back through the middle brown bead, the opposite white bead and back up through the loop. Bring the thread back down into the feather and weave it around at least 2 groups of 4 beads. Weave in the tail in the same manner.