Independence Earrings

RAW Feather

You will need red, white and blue Size 11 seed beads, a dozen small blue bugle beads, a dozen 3-4mm blue glass star-shaped beads. and 2 earring wires. I used pearl finished white , clear red, and silver-lined blue beads. The bugles are also silver-lined.

The foundation row

There are different processes of creating a foundation row, but I find this method good for earrings when you are going to add fringe to the foundation row. It minimizes the amount of times the thread passes through the beads. I will use my thread directly from a bobbin, pulling out about 1 yard, waxing, and threading it. String 1 bugle, 1 white, 1 blue, 1 white bead onto your thread, continue this sequence 4 more times, then add 1 more bugle bead at the end.

Please Note: The number of seed beads will vary according to the size of the bugle bead you are working with. If you are using a slightly larger bugle bead, simply increase the number of seed beads to match the length of the bugle, being sure to alternate the blue and white.

Making the foundation vertical

Bring the beads down about 6" from the bobbin. Then weave your needle to the far side of the 2nd white bead from the end, bringing it through the next blue and white beads. Then you will bring it to the far end of the next bugle bead. Continue making 'figure 8s' until the end, snugging each set so that they sit right next to each other.

Begin the brick stitch

Be sure to begin each row with 2 beads, this will eliminate thread showing on the outside edge of the earring. After adding the 2 beads, bring your needle through the thread between the second set of beads on the foundation row. Bring your needle up through the bottom of the nearest bead. Continue the row adding 1 bead at a time, bringing the needle through the top thread of the next set and bottom of the bead you just added..

Add the remaing brick stitch rows and loop

Add the rest of the rows in the same fashion and adding the earring loop of 7 beads following the pattern shown here.

Add the fringe

Now you're ready to add the fringe. Another advantage to leaving the thread on a bobbin, you will be assured of having enough thread to make all of the fringe. Pull approximately 1 1/2 yards of thread from the bobbin, cut and thread it.

Begin with the shortest fringe, and instead of counting beads, measure the length, as beads are inconsistent in size and this will give you a more exact length. The first fringe, then, will be 1 inch of the white beads, 1 star, and 1 more white bead for the stop bead.

Bring the needle back up through the star and white beads, into the foundation bugle and back down the next group of 3 beads. The red fringe should measure to just below the top of the previous star bead, then use 3 beads for the stop. Continue adding fringe then weave both thread ends in to secure.